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Filling a cavity is a common dental treatment. Every day, people all over the world require dental fillings to preserve teeth and help them maintain their appearance. While a classic filling is often made from a metal composition, a white filling can be a suitable alternative, keeping your teeth looking bright and white, without any obvious sign of any dental work.

Find out more about white fillings in Rivers Edge, Coolidge and how you could benefit from this popular dental treatment.

What is a white filling?

A white filling is a type of composite filling that’s the same color as your teeth. This helps make the filling invisible, looking like a natural part of your tooth. It’s a resin and glass mixture that provides strength and durability, and for many is the preferred option compared to a silver filling.

More and more people are choosing white fillings to repair cavities, and we are pleased to be able to offer white fillings in River Edge, Coolidge.

What is the benefit of a white filling?

There are many benefits to white fillings. For starters, the fact that they are tooth-colored makes them hard to detect, which can fill a patient with more confidence and won’t affect the quality of their smile. These days, white fillings are designed to last much longer, helping you to protect your teeth for longer and reducing the need for regular replacements.

While a silver filling is a more common choice due to cost, a white filling can be a fantastic, attractive alternative that will help you maintain your bright, white smile.

What happens during treatment for a white filling?

As with a standard filling, when carrying out treatments for a white filling, the decay and bacteria within an infected tooth will be removed using dental tools. Once all of the existing decay has been removed, the tooth will be cleaned and dried, ready to insert the filling. It will then be hardened and polished, giving it the appearance of a tooth.

White fillings can also be used for other dentistry purposes, including reshape teeth and to fill in gaps. 

Getting white fillings in River Edge, Coolidge, AZ

If you’re interested in a white filling for your teeth, you’ll be pleased to know that we provide white fillings in River Edge, Arizona. Our friendly team of dentists, nurses and receptionists provide a friendly atmosphere when you walk through the door, and always with a smile. If you’re looking for white filling treatments in River Edge, you know you’ll be in safe hands at Rivers Edge Dental.

To find out more about white fillings and how they can transform your smile, get in touch with our Rivers Edge practice today. We can tell you everything you need to know and book you in for an appointment for treatment. Contact us today and let us help you transform your smile.