Stem Cell Dentistry Rivers Edge Dental dentist in Coolidge AZ Dr. Yana Gerhardt Dr. Blane Jackson Dr. Pavel DubinetskyDo you have a dental concern but are uninspired by the same old dental treatments? We have some exciting news for you: stem cell dentistry. River’s Edge Dental is on the cutting edge of dental technology and is proud to present this up-and-coming dental solution that uses dental stem cells for pulp tissue restoration, lost periodontal ligament regeneration, and tooth structure generation for biological implants.

What does all that mean? It means that dental stem cells may be the answer to restoring your smile. By using them, we can help you get your dental health, functionality, and beauty back – without surgery or extensive downtime.


What is Stem Cell Dentistry?

They are the future of dentistry, and River’s Edge is one of the first practices in the area to offer this exciting new treatment. We can restore your teeth to their former glory with stem cell dentistry.

Is a field of medicine that uses stem cells to repair or regenerate damaged tissue in the mouth. They are unspecialized cells that can develop into any type of cell in the body. This means that we can use them to repair damage caused by tooth decay, injury, or disease.

For example, we can use stem cells to regenerate lost tooth structure, create new blood vessels, and repair damaged nerves. In addition, we can use them to create artificial teeth.

While stem cell dentistry is still in its early stages, it holds great promise for the future of dental care.


How Does Stem Cell Dentistry Work?

In traditional dentistry, we replace damaged or missing teeth with artificial substitutes. However, stem cell dentistry offers a new way to regenerate lost teeth using the body’s natural resources.

The key to this technology is dental stem cells, which are culled from the patient’s gum tissue. We then inject these stem cells into the area where the tooth is missing. Over time, the stem cells will grow and differentiate into new tooth cells, eventually leading to the formation of a new, healthy tooth.

In addition to being more aesthetically pleasing than artificial substitutes, stem cell-generated teeth are also stronger and more durable. As a result, stem cell dentistry represents a significant advance in dental care.


Who is a Good Candidate for Stem Cell Dentistry 

Anyone who is struggling with tooth loss, damage, or deterioration may be a good candidate. Stem cell dentistry is sometimes combined with other regenerative therapies, such as gene therapy and tissue engineering. As a result, it has the potential to drastically improve the quality of life for many people who are struggling with dental problems. 

If you are interested in exploring a treatment option, consult with Dr. Yana Gerhardt, Dr. Blane Jackson, or Dr. Pavel Dubinetsky. We look forward to discussing this exciting new dental solution with you.


Beyond Next-Gen Technology and Treatment in Coolidge, Arizona

Look no further than River’s Edge Dental if you’re looking for a dental practice that offers the latest and greatest in technology. We’re always at the forefront of new developments, so you can rest assured that you’re getting the best possible care.

We know that a healthy smile and the highest-quality treatment are important to you. That’s why we’re proud to offer this cutting-edge technology that can help you restore your teeth and improve your oral health. 

With stem cell dentistry, you can have the beautiful smile you’ve always wanted – without any pain or hassle.

Schedule an appointment with us today and find out if stem cell dentistry is right for you.